Just Finished Building Pool, Got a Job Offer Across Country


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Jun 16, 2019
Im anti-being-a-teacher in any of the states where the teachers make a disrespectful wage. Some parts of the country, like mine, they can make $125k a year with the right degrees and have amazing benefits as well.


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Jul 10, 2012
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Fred thank you for caring about me and my feeling. I SO understand where you are coming from! Like in everything there are some bad apples! What makes it even harder is the restrictions and demands being made aka paper work and those AWFUL standardized tests! My Kindergarten kids are tested on a computer!!! :shock: REALLY??? Some of the questions are written like they are TRYING to "trick" the kids. I even had trouble figuring out which answer was the correct answer on a couple!!! THEN the kids hands have to fit and work on a regular sized mouse.....sigh

Do what is best for YOUR kids. Keep your eyes and ear open. Ask LOTS of questions and act on any information you learn from your kids.
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