Just cleaned filter and need info on sweeping and pump


Sep 12, 2010
Hello everyone,

I just cleaned some pool filters that hadn't been cleaned in over 5 years with the help of this forum. That post was here:


Now that the filters are all cleaned up and in working order I want to clean the stuff off the bottom of the pool. I have not added any DE to my DE2420 filter yet (it has not been running for more than a minute or 2 to fill the filter basket). Does it make sense to turn the valve on the "backwash" setting and suck up all the stuff on the bottom? I just can't see any sense in turning the valve on "Filter" and dirty up the filters I just spent hours and hours cleaning.

The bottom of the pool is not too bad now. I can sweep it and it disperses in the water so it's not chunks of leaves or anything like that.

Thank you for helping this complete pool newbie!

Also, the pump is making a "ticking noise" when running. When I turn the pump off it turns into more of a "churping" noise while it shuts off. The water flow is awesome. There is no air in the clear elbow on the discharge side of the pump. The pump basket doesn't seem to have an "abundance" of air in it. There does seem to be a couple of bubbles trapped at the top of the lid but nothing extreme. I may go purchase an "o" ring to add to the lid so that the "o" ring sits directly in between the bottom of the lid and the top of the strainer basket (in addition to the o-ring already in its proper location on the lid).

I really don't think what little bubbles are at the top of the basket are causing the noise because if I take the lid off and fill it with water and start the pump for a second it makes the same noise.

Any thoughts on this?




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Jun 11, 2010
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turn your valve to 'waste' to suck up the really nasty stuff and dispose of it immediatly bypassing filter.

i think you are going to want to add some de to the filter before you start to use it as one. not sure though.


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PLEASE!! do not ever vacuum to backwash :hammer: Waste is the way to rid the pool of vacuumed nasties without mucking up the filter.

Please do add the full recommended amount of DE to the filter ASAP!

Not sure about the pump noises, but I'll cogitate on it for a bit.


Sep 12, 2010
Okay. DE is added (3 DE scoops) and filter is running. And best of all the noise in the pump went away!!! :-D Perhaps some gunk was lodged in there somewhere.

Now the downside. If I turn the valve to "waste" it seems the pump sucks water faster than what is coming in. The pump basket pretty much consistently stays empty resulting in a lot of air bubbles going through the pump. Is this normal and will it hurt the pump?

On the valve it states "SP710XR50" which I am assuming is the model number of the valve. It's valve options are:


All of the piping looks to be 1 1/2" although I did not measure. They've never had a problem with this setup in the past (I'm talking more than 10 years ago)

Now for the total pool newbie question. The pool has a suction sweeper that's attached to a long pole and a hose coming off the sweeper. They have the hose hooked into the hole directly under the skimmer opening. I lifted up the sweeper to see if it was sucking (keeping it under water) and it has no suction. I know the hose is not clogged because I held the hose up to the discharge hole and water comes out of the sweeper.

To me it would make sense to run the hose through the skimmer door and hook it directly to the hole in the bottom of the skimmer which would give me massive amounts of suction to suck up all the gunk on the bottom of the pool. What is the correct way of doing this?

By the way, This is a very large doughboy pool that is in the ground but also sticks up out of the ground about 3 feet. The skimmer is attached to the outside of the pool.

Thanks everyone,


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