Just bought a house with older pool, in need of some advice and knowledge


Aug 27, 2020
san antonio TX
Hello! We have always wanted an in ground pool and finally found a house we could afford with a smaller one. The pool and house were built in 1977 and we just had a pool inspection done today. The company we used wasn't super clarifying and due to us being out of town we couldn't meet with the inspector directly to ask questions, so I have a few for the reddit experts!

  • When we inspected the equipment I noticed there was no external filter near the pump equipment. I'm still a little confused but the inspection does note "Baker Skimmer with inline filter" - Ive never heard of an in ground pool having an inline filter so I'm wondering if this is a good system or one that I should look at replacing with a sand filter or something down the line?
  • The biggest issue was the that the plaster is 100% degraded, being well past 10 years old. We knew this going in but we wanted to see if we could get a few seasons out of it before having to replaster. I asked and they said we could wait as long as we wanted, but it would be more difficult to clean with the exposed gunite surface. They said to keep the chlorine numbers up a bit and the filter cleaned and we should be ok for a time. There were no visible cracks in the pool, nor any leaking. I just wanted to see if anyone else had an opinion on that advice? Closing on a house and then having to pay 6k for plaster really isnt in our budget right now but we still would like to enjoy the pool. I've attached a few realtor pics of the pool area HERE, it just looks like its really dirty but that's the gunite surface underneath. The surface is very rough to the touch but it seems still useable.
I would love any and all other advice anyone would have for us. Thanks!


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Jul 7, 2014
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We would need to see pics of the equipment area to make any equipment comments..

As far as the plaster goes, If you can stand to look at it, you can swim in it...

I would have negotiated a set aside from the previous owner to help take care of the pool repairs.

Thanks and good luck with you new "project"...

Jim R.


Aug 27, 2020
san antonio TX
Thanks Jim. We are in negotiations now with the seller, which is why we had the pool specialist out to look it over. We are set to close on the property very soon, then I will be able to get some pics of the equipment. For now, I know its the old style Baker skimmer with the filter system hidden below, but I am thinking this system will benefit being updated to an external filter system of some type. Wondering if anyone has had any experience doing this type of conversion that could tell me what I'd be in for work-wise?


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Jun 7, 2017
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Looks relatively small but I think $6k is low for a complete replaster. And if it's only 10 years old most likely the pool chemicals were not properly balanced. Hopefully you'll stick around here and learn proper pool maintenance methods!
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