Jandy Watercolors LED 120v Large - failing?


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Jun 4, 2012
2 Jandy Watercolors LED large lights installed. No transformer so it’s the 120v version.

One in shallow end and one in deep end. When it’s all working the color saturation in the pool is unbelievable.

shallow end light working as expected.

Deep end started fine then shut off. Connected to the same switch/ power.

Today, tried it again and both turn on fine then deep end shuts off a few minutes later. Maybe 1-2 minutes.

Checked the main power connection junction box. Everything looks fine. No issues from any other electrical part of the pool (SWG, low voltage waterfall lights, pump). Turned it on and same thing. Deep end goes on then shut off.

Any way to test if my deep end light is dying or is just a bad connection somewhere? As I recall, these are literally just a sealed light with a wire going to the junction box so I’m assuming the light electronics are failing even though it’s acting oddly.

If water was getting into the lamp then it should never turn on.


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Jul 21, 2013
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The only replaceable part in your Watercolors light is the light engine which costs more than a new light.

Effectively the light is not serviceable.