Jandy Del60 - bulkhead nut cracked when I screwed it in - getting a new one - silicone on internal side off inlet / outlet elbows?


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May 20, 2012
Newark, DE
I tried to just reuse the bulkhead orings and retighten (don't do this) with the big ole pipe wrench but the orings were too flattened, and I eventually split the threads on the bulkhead here it screws into the inside the tank elbows thank goodness I didn't injure the inlet or outlet elbows.

So as I'm looking at this all apart - is there any downside putting a bead of silicone on the internal side of the elbows on the inside of the tank which the bulkheads screw into?I I like the idea of boots and suspenders on the pressure side and feel like when I get the new o rings and tighten them in - I add a bit of silicone on the elbow facing the inside of the tank.

This would just be on the face of the elbows, and just a little bit to help hold the elbows snug against the tank.