Jandy Controller with Raypak Heater Wiring


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Jul 8, 2018
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Hello - I replaced an old Pentair MiniMax heater with Raypak yesterday (propane-406k BTU) by local installer. Issues for me is that heater fires every time pool (or spa) is turned on. Only way to kill heat is turning off electrical braker to spa (or power switch on heater). Heater reads Remote Mode on. But whether I turn off or on heat at Jandy controller (in spa or pool mode), heat fires. I have hard wired Jandy controller (and a spa link if that matters). The other issue I have is that when I was heating spa last night (in spa mode), heater turned off with “Hi limit 2 fault” and read 102f. Spa heat though was set at 104F on heater. And worse, Jandy reading was 98F. So, a calibration adjustment possible for the Raypak? I did confirm spa temp was at 98F with manual thermometer in water. Installer coming out Monday to troubleshoot. Just not starting off well with new Raypak unit. Any guidance on what to do on these 2 issues? Thx!
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Jul 6, 2011
A few notes. Sounds like you have a bad two wire connection to the heater from your controller if you can't shut the heater off from your controller.

No calibration for the Raypak. Sounds like a possible bad temp sensor on your Jandy. Confirm with a manually read thermometer in the water.

Most hi-limit faults are due to water flow issues. Make sure you have proper water flow to heater and a clean filter.