Jandy Cl 460 draining when pump turns off


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Sep 14, 2007
round rock Texas
Long time no post :). Pools been humming along great since 2008 with the help of TFP articles and of course the worlds greatest test kit, until about two weeks ago. Like the title says then the pump turns off the cl460 filter housing drains. But, not the basket in front of the pump. That stays filled and doesn’t loose prime. Let me tell you what I have done:

Changed every o ring from the pump back including the lid and drain plugs as well as at all of the unions…..even though there were no visible leaks.

Changed cl460 filter housing o ring and psi gauge As well as all 3 union o rings.

Changed all three o rings at the aquapure housing.

And just to waste money I called a pool company (for the first time e v e r) to come out and look while I was here to make sure I didn’t miss anything and all he did was to put lube on the filter housing oring…and tell me to install a check valve in front of the filter pump inlet…,and another check valve on the outlet side of the filter housing before the aquapure.

Zero drips or visible leaks on the equipment pad. Pool is not loosing water.

I did notice this time that the internal metal band on the inside of the main filter was flush on the back side while it was still half up on the front side. when I pointed this out the ‘tech’ said ya thats probably your problem right there….even though no water leaks out of here while the pump is running. He tried to move this metal band back up but it wouldn’t budge. For reference it is part # 18 Ring, Retaining All R0405200 on the exploded cl 640 diagram.

Any ideas that y’all can spitball for me would be much appreciate…. It would appear that both the top and bottom cl649 housing is either out of stock or backordered. I don’t mind ordering a new unit if this will solve the issu, afterall the old one is original and 13 years old.

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