Jandy AquaPure 1400 Controller can't recalibrate salinity


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Jun 10, 2021
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I have a salt water pool with Jandy AquaLink RS and AquaPure 1400 chlorine generator. Recently my Tri-sensor died (start showing 0 salinity, despite actual salinity was 3200 ppm). It was 5 years old, and Jandy sensors are known for thei short service life, so I ordered and received a brand new sensor. Before changing sensors, I checked the Power Interface Board, and without sensor connected, in test mode it correctly showed 3200 ppm salinity and 74F temperature. After changing sensor to a new one, and running it for a few minutes, I discovered that with the new sensoror the system started showing 1900 ppm salinity (despite actual salinity in the pool was 3200 -- I measured it using 2 different calibrated devices, and both show the same). I decided to recalibrate salinity sensor using known procedure (15 seconds holding Salinity button, 3 beeps, then pressing Temp button to get into salinity calibration mode). I got into that calibration mode, adjusted salinity display to 3.2 and saved. Then I switched system off and then back on. Now the system shows 0.6 salinity with the sensor, 1.0 in "test" mode, and I can not get it back to salinity calibration mode. If I press and hold Salinity button and wait for 3 beeps, then press Temp button -- it simply shows temperature. I tried to remove power for a few minutes, for the whole hour -- nothing. 0.6 salinity indicated, and no way to get to salinity calibration mode.
So, two questions:
- is there a way to reset Power Interface board to REAL factory fresh mode (when the calibration reset to 3.2 in "test" mode")?
- Is there a trick to make salinity calibration mode available again?


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May 3, 2014
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