Jandy Aqualink RS8 variable speed pump configuration - close but not quite


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May 7, 2020
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I have a Jandy Aqualink RS8 controller and a Pentair Intelliflo VS pump. I installed the pump myself about 5 years ago and it works fine with the Aqualink, but it's just slightly quirky. It makes me believe that I missed a config detail when setting up the pump in the controller, and I'd love to have it right.

The symptoms of things being quirky are:
- When I put my Aqualink into Service mode, all of the (local) buttons on the RS8 work to manually control my gear except the Filter Pump button, which does nothing. Before I moved to a variable speed pump, the Filter Pump button worked as expected.
- When configuring programs, I need to have a program that turns the filter pump on and a separate program to set the VSP speed. This may just be the way it is, but it feels like I may just be working around a config issue that I created.

I've confirmed that the Intelliflow is assigned to filtration in the setup menu, and I don't see any obvious config options that would achieve the desired result.

Any suggestions are appreciated.




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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

You have discovered the type of quirks in trying to make a mixed vendor auitomation system works. It sort of work but not perfectly.

The IntelliFlo control in Service mode is a known quirk. The problem is the Aqualink does not frop the RS-485 connection to the pump when in Service mode the way Penatir automation does. So the pump stays with its display locked out. While with Pentair automation you sue the pump control panel when in Service mode.

Make your next pump a Jandy VSP or your next automation panel the Pentair IntelliCenter and things will work smoother.


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Jan 15, 2021
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What’s your VSP speed configuration page look like, see below
You should have a speed label set up with the Pool keyword. When the Filter pump is turned on it is automatically associated with the speed defined by Pool keyword.

You need to make sure that you have a speed set for the Pool keyword, and make sure that you don’t rename this keyword to something different.

Any time you enable the filter pump via the app, or via service mode and the filter pump button the VSP pump will run the speed associated with the Pool keyword on the VSP speed setup page.

My guess is that either the Pool keyword was renamed, or that you don’t have a speed setting for the Pool speed label.