Jandy AquaLink RS PDA Remote control not connecting


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Oct 6, 2015
Hello everyone,
We have the Jandy AquaLink RS PDA installed in 2006 when the pool was built. We just got our pool replastered. It looks so beautiful and clean. The filter, cleaner, and waterfall have been on a schedule for a while so I haven't needed to fiddle with the remote for a while. However, now that I want to change things up a bit, the remote isn't connecting to the system. I looked at the circuit board and green and red lights are flickering. The batteries are new.
I tried flipping the switch off and then on again. At this time, the status on the remote was "connecting" but it could not connect.
These days, when the remote is turned on, the status is "waiting" as seen in the picture.
Please see the attached photos. Any troubleshooting help is much appreciated.