Is this app right for me?


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May 15, 2020
Peoria Az
First time pool owner, new pool, 20K gallons, uv system, ozone, hayward command. Pool guy arrives once a week for 10 min. he sweeps, empty's the skimmer basket, 2 pump baskets, adds 1 to 3 chlorine tabs depending on outdoor temp., some weeks he adds acid & granulates, other weeks it may be one of the two.
I am following him with an app pool pay, he say this app does not measure total chlorine just the free chlorine.
chlorine is Trichlor, PH up is soda ash, PH down is Muriatic 29%, he also adds a liquid to help with the calcium build up.
Thanks in advance


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Apr 17, 2010
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Total chlorine equals free chlorine plus combined chlorine. I'm not familiar with the app. Are YOU wanting to test for each of those parameters independently of the pool guy?
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