Is it safe........


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Mar 29, 2007
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Roberto, I'd rather swim in water with 10 ppm cl than 0 8) If you have over 20 ppm cya in the water, you shouldn't have any problems @ 10 ppm fc.

Let the kids enjoy the pool!


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Jul 8, 2007
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Is it safe....

Good to know. The water is gorgeous, we have never ever seen it like this. The kids took one look at it, and they wanted to jump in clothes and everything. It was hard to hold them up, but now they are finally going in.



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Apr 2, 2007
Normal laundry bleach is 6%, that works out to 60,000ppm, it'll sting after being on your skin for a while, if you rinse it off immediately under running water, I can pretty much guarantee you that you'd still have 100ppm left on your skin after rinsing.
Swimming in 10ppm is totally harmless, even 20ppm isn't a health issue - your kids will just come out pretty clean - the reason it's not advised is due to possible ingestion - even then, you need to ingest a lot.