Introduction and indoor solar powered Swim spa


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Aug 27, 2021
Dublin, CA
I am an owner-builder, in Dublin, CA, and have modified a 16' swim-spa to have a solar heat exchanger loop. I am trying to get information on connection details and best practices. I have a triangle tube 260T with glycol on the heating loop side coming from 5 heliodyne Gobi 410 Panels. I am keeping the electric heater and have inserted the solar loop in series just before the electric heater. still need to figure out the switching details so that the electric doesn't turn on if the solar has the proper heat differential. also will use the pool as heat battery and run the exchanger to preheat the storage tank in the case that the panels and tank drop below the pool temperature. this is also tied into a domestic hot water and wall radiator. manufacturer recommends a stainless to CPVC to PVC transition to manage heat proximal to the exchanger.


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May 3, 2007
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Aren't those hot water panels? Generally not a good idea to use those for pools. Hot water panels are very good at creating high temperatures at low flow rates but efficiency is not very good. While normal pool panels work better at lower temperature rise, higher flow rates and have much better heat transfer efficiency.
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