Intex pre-filter leaking where housing joins main pump

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Feb 27, 2021
Kaufman Tx
Water leaking out between pre-filter housing where it joins to main filter. Leaks without pump running. Inside nut secure, two orings on pump inlet appear in good shape. No leaks from top clear cap and ring screw. Only at side of prefilter housing.
In Texas, the big freeze 2 weeks ago. Could the prefilter housing have "shrunk"? No cracks in housing or main pump.
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Jun 1, 2018
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There may be a crack somewhere u aren’t seeing- unfortunately I don’t think u can just replace that part. Maybe still give the intex website a check though.
Unless u got it really dry before the freeze there was probably water trapped inside.


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Your shaft seal is probably shot. You can try removing those screws to inspect the seal, impeller, and diffuser, but I don't think there are replacement parts available. You can try pulling out the shaft seal and see if you can find a replacement.
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