Intex AGP needs new liner...


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Aug 15, 2020
Wilmington NC
Hi all! I acquired an Intex 18x52” prism frame AGP with my house 3 years ago, I would suspect the pool to be around 4 years old. The liner is in pretty bad shape and was wondering my options on replacing it. I’ve done a little research on different types of liners (overlap, unibead, j hook, etc). I was just curious on compatibility with my intex frame using any kind of third party liner. I’m not a big fan of the look of an overlap liner, I would like it to be cohesive to the intex frame system I have. Could anyone point me in the right direction as far as what I could use as a replacement? Do I have the option of using a third party liner or do I have to stick with an intex liner? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Brett S

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Mar 15, 2019
Unfortunately replacement intex liners are pretty hard to come by, and frankly, even if you can find one it’s often nearly the cost of just getting a whole new pool. People have had good luck with the overlap liners as they tend to be more generic and easier to find, but if you’re against that then you’re probably better off just getting a new intex pool.
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