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Jul 27, 2020
Santa Clarita, CA
I have a Pentair Intellitouch i7+3 load center and a wired indoor control panel. My solar sensor stopped working, so I recently replaced it. (I figured that out by the fact that the solar valve was constantly opening and closing) Now the system won't turn the valve on when it is appropriate. I can manually flip the switch on the actuator and it works. From the load center in service mode when I push the button for solar the actuator works. From the control panel inside I cannot get the solar valve actuator to change. It indicates solar is present "YES", valve A is "used by solar" Pool mode is set to "Solar Only" and there is a little sun next to Pool on the display.
Only the sun icon is not pulsing. All other functions from the indoor controller seem to be working. I set the pool temp to be 90 in an effort to force it on (water temp is 78 & air temp is 95) but it won't change the valve.
Any ideas on getting my indoor controller to automatically actuate the valve would be appreciated.

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Jun 7, 2018
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I don't have an IntelliTouch, but on my EasyTouch, buried in the Diagnostics menu, it displays the solar temperature. I assume that display exists somewhere in the IntelliTouch as well. See what it says. If the value is way off, you may have been lucky enough to have gotten a bad sensor.


Jul 27, 2020
Santa Clarita, CA
I could not find any reference to a solar temperature on the panel or the manual. I did find out how to download the load center memory into the control panel and did that, then got an error message: SENSOR ERROR DETECTED: pool solar sensor.
So, going to replace the temp sensor again and see what happens.


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May 3, 2019
See Setup Solar Equipment and Heat Pump Option in users guide. Also below is a guide to the temperature differential settings.

Adjust the temperature differential to start heating
For example, if "Start" is set to 3°, this ensures that the solar collector water temperature has to deviate by at least 3° to the specified set point temperature before it switches on.

Set the temperature differential to stop heating
This setting sets how close to the target set point temperature to switch off solar heat.
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