Intelliconnect - use the PentairHome app!


Jul 15, 2020
West Central, FL
I have a new pool with Intelliconnect and the link2O would constantly lose connection and would give me a login error frequently. I was frustrated that this is what I paid for. I would have to go outside to manually reset the intelliconnect in order to reconnect and that wouldn't fix the login errors at times.

I bit the bullet and downloaded the PentairHome app even though I wasn't sure it was supported. 100% happy I did. You have to re-sign up with a login and password, then it will ask you to connect your Link2o account.

No more login errors. Response time is almost instant when changing settings.

I have my Intelliflo Vsf, IntelliBrite color led, UltraTemp heat pump, and Ichlor 30 hooked up. There is still Relay 2 available.

I am now happy with the product as long as it stays this responsive. Interface is modern and way better than the Link2o app.
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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-60
Hopefully Pentair Home stays stable for IntelliConnect users.
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