Intellichlor salt levels/cleaning & Intellicenter alerts


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Mar 6, 2019
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Just finished installing an IC60 and connecting it up to my Intellicenter. Salt level is around 2900 per Taylor test kit and Intellichlor is reporting via Intellicenter that I'm around the same (2950 - 2900). The Salt level light is green and Cell light is green as expected (per the manual, 2800 is the threshold for a Red light low salt). I've setup Intellicenter alerts, and every time the pool starts up and the IntelliChlor checks salt levels, I get two email alerts from Intellicenter:

IntelliChlor 1: Low Salt
Note: Intellichlor's salt level reading is below 2850. IntelliChlor’s optimum salt level is 3,450ppm, so salt needs to be added to your pool to raise the PPM to the IntelliChlor target

IntelliChlor 1: Clean & Inspect Cell
Note: IntelliChlor has indicated that it senses buildup on its chlorine generating cell blades which is hampering its ability to make chlorine. This is a normal occurrence that happens over time.

Just curious why a 2900 level is triggering the first low salt alert. I want to keep the salt at a minimum - according to the manual, the Intellichlor will continue to produce chlorine down to 2600, so I have a bit of headroom even if I'm at near "low Salt", I'm not near "very low Salt". Is there any drawback to this? I wonder if the near low salt level is causing the "Clean & Inspect Cell" alert. Anyone have experience with this? Searched and couldn't find any info on this. I guess I could just dump another half bag to get it to maybe 3000 or full bag to 3100-3150.


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Jul 7, 2014
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You need to make the cell happy.. Its salt measurement is +/- 500 ppm.. They are not at all accurate. Low salt comes on at 2800.. At that level it makes a reduced amount of chlorine..

I run mine at about 3100 to 3200...

There is just no reason to run your salt level at 2900.. But, obviously that is up to you.


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Mar 6, 2019
Fremont, CA
Thanks. Further searching found some old threads that said these Intellichlor error message emails are bogus. I guess I'll disable the alerts. I wanted to use the min amount of salt so that no one in my family complains about the taste!
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