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Apr 4, 2021
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My experience is that the IntelliChem does not work with the IntelliChlor
In my case the ORP reads totally wrong and drops as the total chlorine is rising as a result it leaves the IC40 on at 100 percent constantly. I’ve had chlorine readings of 30 plus.
I have configured the IntelliChem to not control the IntelliChlor and set my IC40 At 40 percent and everything works great but ORP sensor is always totally wrong. Multiple pool people have checked it out can’t fix it.
What is really odd is it works perfectly with liquid chlorine just not salt systems.
When I open the pool sometimes it runs for a few weeks with no salt and I am manually pouring chlorine in it. The ORP is always reading perfectly when I use no salt and liquid chlorine.
but this is only the odd time after a full pool drain like for an acid wash.

so I’ve given up on using IntelliChem to control intellichlor and just disable the intellichlor control.
One thing to note which is really annoying is that when you turn off the intellichlor control from within IntelliChem you no longer see the salt reading on your phone app. But it still shows up directly on the touchpad.
Software at Pentair is notoriously buggy and needs lots more refinement.
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