Intellicenter w/ AquaCal Heat Pump/Chiller


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Apr 4, 2020
Houston, Texas
I was wondering if anyone has any experience connecting an Aquacal SQ166r (Heat Pump/Chiller) to an Intellicenter Panel.

The AquaCal instructions are not specifically for Intellicenter. They are written for Easy Touch or Intelli Touch and I am assuming they apply to the Intellicenter as well. AquaCal instructions say to connect from the Port ‘B’ on the Aqual Cal to the Com Port on the Pentair Controller. They also require that a solar temp sensor be installed.

Has anyone successfully connecting these two pieces of equipment?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Heater control in the IntelliCenter is the same as the EasyTouch and IntelliTouch. They are described here...

The IntelliCenter needs a 10K temperature sensor or a 10K resistor connected to the Solar Sensor. It is not used but it needs to be connected.


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Apr 4, 2020
Houston, Texas
I spoke to Pentair Tech Support and they told me external equipment cannot talk to Pentair Equipment on the Com Port which contradicts Aquacals Instruction Manual. Anyone else have any luck with this setup?


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Nov 13, 2019
Gilbert, AZ
I'll try to get some photos of how mines connected. The pool isn't in my backyard though so it will be a few days.

I can assure you the intellicenter WILL control the Aquacal SQ-166R.
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