Installing a Surge Protector


Sep 30, 2018
I have a Hayward TriStar VS variable speed pump. I have a pool subpanel. Do you wire the Surge protector in to the same breaker that the Hayward TriStar VS variable speed pump is on or do you add a breaker. In my case on the breaker for the Hayward TriStar VS variable speed pump, I have a two pole 20 amp breaker with 1 Red wire and 1 blue wire , no other spots for the black wires to attach. D0 you utilize that same breaker and put 1 black wire with the red wire and 1 black wire with the blue wire ? Two wires under each screw? Or do you add a new breaker and wire the two black wires one to each pole to that? If you add a breaker will that protect the pump? I was looking at the intermatic PS 3000. Any others to consider. Thanks.


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May 23, 2015
Tucson, AZ
If you have the room in your panel then you wire the SPD to two 20A breakers, one for each leg in the panel. The SPD should have two hot wires (Black) and a neutral & ground. Make sure all wires are cut to length and have the fewest number of 90deg bends in them to route them to their connections. For an SPD, coiling up excess wire is bad practice.