Input on some questions planning new pool


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Apr 12, 2010
Perry, Michigan
Hey there,

We're working on hiring a builder for a new pool. We're going with a 20'x40' liner pool with an auto-cover (we had an auto cover installed at our last home that had an old pool and LOVED not having to worry about the kids and how clean it kept the pool). We have a few questions though as we're considering our new pool build...

1) We want a sun shelf about 12ish inches deep. We are thinking a 5'x10' or 6'x10' that's centered in the shallow end with steps on either side of it. Any thoughts? Is this a good size for a sun shelf? We'd like to have somewhere for little kids to play and splash and somewhere you can put a lounge chair to sit and tan. At the same time, I'm concerned about it taking up too much of the shallow end.

2) We want a pool deep enough for the kids to jump in, but it doesn't need to be a diving pool. Any recommendations for depth? We were thinking 7 foot? Or maybe 6 foot?

3) Our big question is sanitation. We just used liquid chlorine in our last pool and it seemed to work out fine for us. We have 2 pool builders we're currently considering and they have totally different recommendations and thoughts on this. I'd love some insight from others

First pool builder does NOT recommend liquid chlorine. He says liquid chlorine will be tough to stabilize and cause high pH. He highly recommends we go with either a SWG or inline chlorinator that uses stabilized chlorine.

Second pool builder said while SWG are great, since we are getting an auto cover he doesn't recommend them. He says that even turned low, it's often difficult to keep chemicals balanced and the pH tends to creep up since the pool is covered frequently. He recommends the inline chlorinator OR liquid chlorine with a UV system (Solaxx 300a) so you can keep your chlorine low.

Any other words of wisdom as we embark on this endeavor? I'm all ears! :)


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May 18, 2017
Bradford ontario
2) Go full depth. People will dive. Make it safe. I went 9' and don't regret it.
3) Salt water. Its worth it. I planing to use chlorine as well but I'm glad i did more research and put in the SWG