Inground ladder anchor Replacement - Salt pool


The anchors for my ladder on my pool are finish, every year I need to use a puller to remove the ladder and last year It was the worst year, it took me a few hours and did a lot of dammage to the ladder.

Now I want to replace the anchors, I was thinking to rent a tool to drill around existing anchor to remove it, them put new one in, and add concrete, then the cover of the ladder should fit over, and cover the new ciment.

I have a fiew questions :

Are bronze ladder anchor resistant to salt pools or should I use plastic?

How do I ground the new anchors and is it necessary?

Thank you all for your help.


TFP Expert
Apr 19, 2013
Sacramento, CA
Sorry it took a while to get an answer.

You shouldn't have a problem with bronze anchors.

Let me suggest a composite or Safron ladder. They don't require bonding and they don't corrode and stick in the anchor slot. A metal latter must be connected to the

I also want to suggest you hire someone to do this -- its hard, dirty and requires use of a hammer drill or concrete saw-- something you will probably need to rent. The more you have done the better it will look.