Infinity Spa has lost its 'edge'....Relevel/Retile options?


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May 19, 2020
Hi Gang,

I'm trying to get my head wrapped around a needed asthetic repair. Requesting your collective thoughts, and insights.
3yr old 16KGal pool, with raised infinity spa build in.....has settled about an inch ON ONE SIDE, negating the infinity effect, and leaving the high end surfaces dry and cloudy.

In the pics, the nearest exterior side wall has since sloughed off ALL of its tiles for some reason. Assuming water got behind poorly set/sealed tiles? or got compressed with settling. Anyway, my thoughts were to re level the top (top lengths all slope slightly inward, by design), and retile the top and sides. I realize by releveling it would add approx an inch in height to one (wet) end, and we'd be outta square for retiling the sides. I'd address that on the bottom course(s) (goes 4inches underwater, to sundeck level). Maybe switch to 12' square travertine, instead of the sheets of 1' glass. Would hide cloudiness, and white (calcium?) deposits that leach thru.
Main Point; Any bright ideas what material to relevel the top?, keep it inward sloping or just flatten it?, can tile be laid on tile or MUST it be removed first?

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Jul 21, 2013
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Welcome to TFP.

I think you are focusing on treating the symptoms and not the disease. We have seen a few south Texas pools built on unstable ground that needed major structural support.

What makes you think that your spa walls have stopped settling? That was all gunite and rebar? I suspect that you have cracks under the tile. The tiles have sloughed off due to the wall movement and cracking.

Leveling the top and retiling ignores any structural Issues with the pool. I think you need to get to the root cause of the wall dropping. Pull off all the tile and investigate. Have you put a laser level on the rest of the pool to identify any other shifts?

@bdavis466 thoughts?