Improving convenience of adding Bleach after each use

Mar 17, 2017
Bothell, WA
Convincing my wife to go out with a big bottle of bleach and a measuring cup every time she wants to use the tub is a tall order. The more complex it is to use the tub, the less likely it is to get used!

For Dichlor, I got a set of Tupperware Smidgets and once a week or so I can fill them all with a set dosage of Dichlor. Then, all one has to do when using the tub is grab a Smidget on the way out the door, then when done toss the contents in with the pump on, go inside to dry off, then go back out once dried off and dressed to close the lid.

Has anyone found any good methods to make Bleach more convenient, if we wanted to switch to using it? I was thinking, like, some kind of plastic bleach container that has a measuring chamber or something and allows you to just squirt the liquid directly into the tub? Or any other good ideas on a system that's easy to use/explain and/or lowers chances of spilling bleach?


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Jul 10, 2012
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Does the dollar store sell small bottle of chlorine? I am thinking if so you can use them and refill them from the bigger bottles as needed?????

Think along those lines and see what you come up with.



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May 23, 2015
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Try something like this -

- - - Updated - - -

or this -

- - - Updated - - -

That last one is a 1/4cup measure and should only need one or two doses for a hot tub. The first one is much smaller. Pick a size that is convenient for your wife and the instructions should be super easy -

"Just squeeze out xxx ounces of bleach, and dump it in."


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May 23, 2015
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Matt in for the win!
Well, if I'm truly going for a win, then I'd say you need to find one of those in a pink color, decorate it with some stick on hearts and butterflies, and leave a note on it with the instructions written on some girly paper with lace border and a sign-off that says "Hugs & Kisses!! Enjoy the soak Smoochie-Bear..." or, you know, whatever works for your particular circumstance....


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May 23, 2015
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Go for the GLITTER! Have heart shaped chocolates and wine with candles by the spa!
Nah, GLITTER will get clogged in the filter...maybe a trail of rose petals leading from the door to the hot tub with some low lighting and Barry White going in the man knows soulful music like my man Barry....


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Jun 11, 2012
We use bleach exclusively except on initial fill until CYA gets where it needs to be. I had the same problem with "can't be bothered with testing and measuring chemicals, I just want to use it". This is all I heard from DW and my 23 yr old daughter for the first two months.

After month three and in the dead of winter, I stopped the enabling. I let them use it, told them what to do, showed them how to test, showed them the laminated card the TF100 kit that explains the tests in case they forget and then told them it's on you now to take care of the tub. About two months into it, they came to me crying the tub had a dark foamy scum all around the edge and floaties in the water. They asked me to help fix the water problems. When I asked them when was the last time you tested the water, they were silent.

I showed them how to add Ahh-some then I had both of them baby sit the tub, skim the foam off, drain it, wipe it down, refill and balance.

I told them to get use to this process or start testing and adding chlorine every day. Since we are on a well, I told them we can't draw 450 gallons of water out of the well every month or two, so next time we will drain, blow out the lines and wait until Spring.

I maintain our pool during the summer and now they do a very good job maintaining the hot tub. I've made things easier by buying a pump for the carboy, so they can fill gallon jugs as well as a speed stir but my philosophy is-

...if you are the primary users, then you have to have skin in the game.

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Nov 3, 2015
appleton wisconsin
I've considered buying a stenner pump with a 4l wine bottle, and hooking it up to a timer..... something that could just be advanced after use with one of those outdoor 15min increments timers.

Problem is what to do in the winter when its super cold out. I'd have to do some insulating, and haven't come up with a game plan yet.

We have an outside box next to the tub that has the bleach bottle and measuring cup right there. It's not ideal cause it gets hot in there in the summer - not good for bleach.

In the winter, the bleach gets mixed with a gallon of water that goes with us outside. Seems like that much evaporates anyway, if not more.

I still do all the testing. No one else can be bothered.

I've been running CYA higher than before (100ppm), and that seems to keep the Chlorine around longer. Turning the temp down makes a noticeable improvement as well. PH is a lot harder to keep track of though, cause I have to wait till FC is under 10 to test for it. FC likes hang out in the teens with CYA so high....

Anyway, good luck.


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Jun 7, 2013
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This may be late to the party but I use bleach in my pool. In the summer so I don't have to measure bleach every morning to dump into my pool I fill empty applesauce containers with bleach. Most of the plastic ones have measuring marks on the side for different amounts. You could always get a few of them, keep them filled to your pre-measured amount and as they go out to the tub, grab one of them and dump it in when they are done. I have enough applesauce containers in my garage that I only have to fill them once every 2 weeks and it only takes about 5 minutes to refill them. You could probably even get away with filling the containers you have.