I'm really slow.. can I use an inground pump on AGP?

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Apr 25, 2020
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I am really new to all this and I am admittedly out of my league and ignorant about pools. I am relying on this site heavily.
After having two companies cancel my order in California I am getting frustrated. My pool is in boxes on my patio and my son, with autism, is getting more and more stressed (as am I).

Can I use an inground pump and filter for my AGP? Help please.
I know I can get the 140 I am not sure about the 140abg. What's the difference between them? What's self priming mean?

Looking at the pump and filter below.



Also can't quite get my head around pipe sizing: This doesn't look to have the same 2" that the heater and swg seem to. Problem?

Or should I go with the system (IF I can get it)

Advantages to separate vs system?

Also while I am here: Is there any point in testing the water from hose to get a starting point with my new tf-100 testing kit. (Or just to practice doing it)



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Jun 13, 2017
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Can I use an inground pump and filter for my AGP?

I am using an IG pump on an ABG pool. The only thing I notice is I really don't need the prime setting because the pump is lower than the skimmer & return, so water always fills the pump basket and I get very little air into the system when I clean the pump basket. I simply turned that feature off.


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Jul 12, 2012
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There will be better expert advice. But this is mine from just owning one 20 + years.
I like a inground pump better. Has more suction when vacuuming. Besides easy to prime.
Just check what you need as flow rate or GPM. Dont go by horse power. I remember a 3/4 hp inground pump I had from the same brand actually pumped more water than a 1 hp above ground that I had used.
Next part a lot dont agree. But I like to over size the pump. The more power the more swirling action in the pool and skimmer sucking in more.
So particles stay suspended longer or get to the skimmer vs sinking to the pool bottom. On my above ground cut way down on vacuuming. With no bottom drain I would still only do it 2 or 3 times a year.
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