I'm here because of leaves


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Nov 22, 2019
Arlington, TX
Greetings from Arlington, TX!

I found this site looking for a solution to stop leaves from getting into my skimmer basket. With three trees surrounding my pool, fall is one of two bad times of the year at my pool. This site has given me a few ideas on how to deal with all the leaves that end up in my pool skimmer.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Apr 14, 2014
Highland Village, TX
I ended cutting down 5 large trees in my yard because of the problem. I left one large cedar elm and every year from Nov 1 to around Thanksgiving I am skimming with a net and emptying the skimmer basket at least twice a day. If you keep after it, it is not that bad. I have been having to do this for 25 years.