IFCS Leaks, Air in System


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Mar 25, 2019
Every time I turn on the cleaning system (pop-ups), there seems to be a lot of air trapped within the system and it releases all through the pop ups....I see that there's a bit of water coming out from the filter housing from one of the pipes (outgoing) but disappears as the pressure normalizes......O-rings? Easy to do?

Thanks folks! I also still in search of someone or a company here in AZ to replace my pool light (one of the 2) before summer......If you are one, let me know as I'd rather go through a member first.....
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Feb 6, 2015
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  1. What is the scheduling for your VS pump?
  2. What rpms are you using?
  3. What rpm is in use when you run the infloor?
  4. Is there air in the pump basket before starting the infloor?
  5. Do you also have the A&A LeafVac?
  6. Does the pool have returns separate from the infloor system?
  7. Are these bubbles just during infloor startup or continously?
  8. Are the bubbles present with the SWG on and off?
Post a few pics of your equipment pad from a few different angles. Also a pic of the water distribution valve.

Any leaks you have should be fixed, whether a constant or intermittent leak.
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