Identifing Multiport?


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Aug 19, 2016
Byron, Il
I need to replace the multi-port valve on my filter as it's cracked in a couple places and the previous owner apparently JB welded it a couple of times. I looked around it pretty thoroughly and only found a single number on it...but part of it is covered over by the afore mentioned JB weld.

How do I go about identifing it so I can order a replacement. Info I do have.

Make: Hayward
Flow info; 60GPM, 50PSI
Number partially covered over; SP-0711-A1[JB weld starts here]

Other then "Top" and "Bottom" and the information on the tag as to placement and effect of the handle I didn't see any other markings.

Any help appreciated.




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Jul 13, 2012
Dallas, TX
I'm not 100% certain, but (Amazon link ->) this valve appears to be the current Hayward valve part that will replace valve SP0711 which I think is an obsolete part number.

Does this look the same as your current valve?