IC40 low salt reading corrected???


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Dec 26, 2019
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Wasn't sure about putting this here, or in the Everything Else category, since it is relevant to both.

So I have been fighting low salt readings since the PB installed this thing in February/March. The cell has consistently been reading ~1000ppm low. I finally, just last week (Oct 5th), got my IntellipH installed (I've been trying to get to that since April). Since then I have noticed that my readings have slowly been coming up. I was reading ~2700-2800ppm before installation, then mid week last week it was reading around 2950, and this morning, it is reading 3350ppm. This is the highest it has ever registered, that I can remember. I am now within the +/- 500 ppm reading that the manual claims; my last salt test was 3800ppm. I am just wondering if anyone else that has installed a muratic acid injection tank, has noticed anything like this? I am attributing it to the slow, steady, minimal dosing of the IntellipH, just upstream of the cell, must be cleaning off whatever sensor handles the salt levels. The odd thing is, that I tried acid washing the cell in the spring, after I had so many issues trying to get it operating, but it never bubbled or anything, so I immediately removed it from the acid bath and rinsed it. The cell was also spotless of any visible build up last weekend when I had everything apart to add the injection point in.

TLDR; looks like installation of the IntellipH acid dosing system has remedied my low salt reading issues with my IC40 cell.


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