IC40 Chemical Question


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Sep 16, 2008
Jacksonville, FL
I am reading in the IC40 manual that they recommend 1-3ppm of FC. It states anything over 3ppm could cause corrosion to pool metals and cause damage to associated items.

Same with TA... the IC40 manual says 80-120ppm but it lists 60-80ppm here.

Just want to make sure I do what is best for my pool. Thoughts?


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Jul 7, 2014
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They assume zero CYA... CYA buffers the chlorine so you end up with less active chlorine.

I have three saltwater pools where I run the FC at 6 to 8 ppm.. They have been saltwater pools for between 5 and 7 years... I have had zero issues with corrosion, or any other so called "salt related" problems.

I follow the TFP pool care process and have never had to add a single bag of pool store shock... I can't think of any reason that I would want to run my FC at 1 and fight algae three times a year... :)


Jim R.