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Jan 17, 2012
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Do a search on the Doheny.com and Sunplay.com sites. They both offer Maytronics built robots but under their own name, that are warranted by Maytronics. You can often save money if you find the "Nautilus" version there. They are the exact same as the Maytronics except for the colors and label.
I have the Doheny Discovery which is the Maytronics S200, built and warranted by Maytronics.

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May 12, 2011
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Thanks guys! I called Marina Pool and got the S300I for $899 out the door! She didn't have the Active 30i in stock. Maybe she gave me a discount? I'll take it!


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May 23, 2015
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IMO, the Bluetooth on this thing isn't the best and loads VERY slow.
Yeah, I've e-mailed their App tech support with a few upgrade suggestions. The system should really have a countdown timer to let you know how long before the current cleaner cycle ends. The information is inside the unit, they just need to grab it and build it into the app display. I also think their App interface is a little clumsy - for example, you can only get to their Help & Documentation if the unit is on and running....that's really kind of silly. The phone App is still in the early stages of life and they've only just started to push the Bluetooth control down from their more expensive "high-end" models. Kind of like how you could only get certain luxury features in a car if you go to the higher end model, but then, a model season or two later, and the once "luxury" features show up as standard.

Time will tell on how the app develops but the more feedback you give them now, the more inclined they are to look at updates...

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