Howdy Hi from dpool


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Sep 21, 2007
Howdy Hi!

DPOOL here! I finally decided to join TFP after about 4 years of reading and 'longing' to get to register over at POOLFORUM. I guess that's not going to happen, ever. waaa! Tried another site but it didn't seem to have much traffic so ... I found my way here... . Hope that poolforum site doesn't go down, expecially the articles, which is where I started it all - but it was sure hard not being able to ask my own questions.

Looks like TFP is a good and active a site for all us poolforum hopefulls. Thanks to those here for giving us a place (and a voice). Hope I can add to the discussion.

I'm in the KIDDIE POOL crowd. This is my 4th season with a 5,000 gal ABOVE GROUND 9xsomething SPLASHER - I've got a 1 hp pump with a cartridge filter the size of a toddler. I added a 2006AG A-FRAME STEP LADDER ENTRY and about 5 1-gallon jugs of sand/rock hanging under it to keep it from floating up. Also added a WANDA WHALE this year - YA! - and a fountain (pretty and great for watering the fences!). I hope to get a solar heater SOON but don't want to have to replumb - which I think I'll have to do anyway as some of my fittings (the cork) are getting old and leaky. After the solar heater. my next big purchase might be for a new filter - something easier to open and clean - don't ask me what I have - I think it was made off planet. I am almost completely a BBB pool but I like my pucks cause I'm LAZY! They live in a floater under the ladder. I'd give you my pool numbers but I'm in the process of shocking my pool into submission before the weekend comes. Hope it's warm enough to justify the gallons I just poured in there to quash an accidental algae bloom(had to manage a different crisis and the pool didn't get enough TLC last week).

Even though I've been at this for 4 years, this was the BEST water I've had and the easiest to maintain the pool . I credit it to the WANDA (she does the hard work without too much complaining) and a REAL test kit (I know I was lazy and liked the dipsticks!) and lots and lots of BLEACH - - - and running my filter more often (Like DAILY!) and longer (some pool store dude told me that my filter was so much bigger - i.e., fast turnover rate - so that I didn't need to run the filter AS long (like two hours a day instead of the current 6 to 8 hrs). What a difference to an occasional algea mess from a weekly bombing of 'the swamp.' HA!

Well besides trying to stay ahead of my pool and keeping it "clean and not green" - I like reading about others who are in the same battle!