How to replace Polaris 9350 floating cable plug?


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Jun 21, 2014
Pearland/Freeport, TX
How do you access the wires inside the Polaris 9350 floating cable plug? I ordered a replacement plug and can't figure out how to open it to access the screwed in wires. The exterior of the plug looks like the first picture below but how do I open it further to get to the screws that hold the wires in place (second pic)? There looks like threads on the inside of the top piece but I didn't want to accidentally break it as I can't get it to unscrew (if that's how it's supposed to open). Any help is greatly appreciated!



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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
I have done this several time another way but hard to explain. Since this is new try this, push new plug into control as far as it goes and do NOT thread on collar. Now twist CCW the body of plug while this is still plugged in. It will unthread the end portion and then remove the last part out of the socket. To install on the cable you have to back off lower portion and slide onto cable in same order. Feed enough through to connect the wire ends, and then first tighten back the front parts in reverse order it was unscrewed. Snug it up as best as possible while it is firmly in the control socket and then complete the bottom parts after you remove it out of the control socket.
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