How to remove light niche?

Nov 2, 2013
The gasket around the light niche is falling apart so I'd like to replace it before it becomes an issue. I drained water from my in-ground spa down below the light and removed the light from the niche and removed all of the screws for the niche. But the niche won't budge. The light wire feeds to the back of the niche and goes into a transition 'hole' (not sure what to call this) and probably on to the conduit. This 'hole' had small screw which I removed but the niche still won't budge. Any ideas? A photo is attached below.


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There is a length of conduit attached to the back of the niche. It goes all the way to the deck box where the wire connection is. Unless you can access the back side of the niche, you can not remove it. Also, messing with it too much may break the seal between the conduit and the niche which will cause a leak. Also, that was not a set screw. It is a bonding wire (which appears to be missing) connection point.


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It is not clear to me why the gasket cannot simply be removed/scraped from the face of the niche. I know I am not understanding you correctly.....can you explain it a little better?

Sorry to change the subject, but that missing bonding wire is not good. I would address that before I put water back into the pool.

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Since that is a metal niche, it could very well be bonded from the other side, if it was a gunite structure. That looks like a fiberglass wall that the niche is in. If this is a San Juan type shell, there is no "structure" to bond to. What would you bond to? Other than the equipment components? OK, the steel in the deck, but...

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