How to program pentair screenlogic remotely


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Jul 7, 2014
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It is much better to use your PC to program the system and then use your PC, tablet, or phone to control things..

If you X out of ScreenLogic you should see a display like this....


Select the "Configure ScreenLogic" icon in the lower right.

The System name is printed on the side of the Protocol Adapter and is something like Pentair: FC-XX-XX

At this point the password is for local access not remote access, so I just leave it blank..

If you have gotten this far already, then I don't understand you question???


Jim R.


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Oct 17, 2016
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Jim has you headed in the right way.

Once you click on "Configure Screenlogic" on the first screen, you'll click the larger "Configure Screenlogic" on the second screen.

On the "General Settings (1 of 5)" page there is a button near the bottom of that page "Set Remote Access Password". Click that and set your password.

When away from the house start the SL app and click the "Remote" button - it will open up the login screen. Enter your identifier like Pentair: XX-XX-XX in the name field and your password in the password field and you'll be connected while away from the house.
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