How to get credit when donating through a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)


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Mar 20, 2018
Austin, TX
Hi friends, TFP has taught me so much and I'd like to donate.

I try to do all my donations via a Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) because it simplifies my tax records (*). I found TFP's tax id (it is 81-0726521). Fidelity can match that tax id to an address in North Carolina, and they will mail a check to that address. (I won't post the address because I don't know if it's a personal residence)

My questions are: does someone at TFP regularly check that mailbox and be ok with getting a check there (Fidelity mails the check)? Also, once the check arrives, who do I contact to get the upgrades and discounts applied to my account? (the check probably won't indicate my username)

Or, is a paper check so much hassle that I should drop this idea?

Much thanks to everyone who makes this site so helpful!

(*) A DAF is a kind of bank/investment account, but you get a tax deduction when you deposit money, and all withdrawals must be sent directly to 501c3 charities (you can never withdraw the money for yourself, because taking the tax deduction means it is legally not your money anymore). Say you want to give $100 to 10 different charities: you make one deposit of $1000, you get one receipt from the DAF, and that's the only receipt you keep for taxes. When you disperse the $100 to 10 different charities (or whatever values you want), you don't need any receipts or records. You can also send the checks anonymously, which is nice for some situations.


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May 19, 2010
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I will ping the people you need to talk to.

The DAF does sound like it simplifies things ... interesting.

Thanks for considering a donation to TFP!!!


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Oct 2, 2013
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Thank you so much for considering donating to TFP. Yes, the NC address is legit and I check emails regularly. Other people have done the same thing via Benevity. TFP has its own account that donations go directly into. Make checks out to Troublefreepool. TFP is a stand alone non-profit because of donations. In the last three years, it has been able to support itself, without advertising, through people like you. Thank you so much!