How to add a new inlet/outlet to Intex 16x48 metal frame


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May 25, 2012
Hello all I am new to this site as of today,
I saw a couple of posts about people asking how to or have already added a new water inlet/outlet to their pool. I did not however find any pictures and details on how this was done and if any leaks or rips issues. The above ground pool I am about to setup only as a in wall water trap and one water return inlet. I have bought the Intex salt system and the Intex 14in salt filter pump and that is why I would like to add another return. Any help, links to other forum boards or pictures of you addition would be very helpful.
The person at the pool store thought I was crazy.


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Jun 21, 2011
Tecumseh, OK
Hello! The pool store people are usually clueless as to how we do things around this site which is why this site rocks! That link above is the best bit of information to get you started! There are so many mods that can be done! :)