How do I heat and keep pool clean?


New member
May 27, 2020
Hi, I'm new to owning a pool and am really lost on how to heat my pool (cheaply, preferably a solar cover) but also keep the rain water, bugs and general debris out of the pool. We live in Minnesota, it's a chilly state and it rains a lot and we have trees that drop helicopters. I want to heat it, but I want it to stay clean. We've been putting the cover on the pool each night and only opening it when we swim, but this doesn't solve for heating. It's also a total pain to remove the rain water off the pool cover when we want to swim, it can take close to two hours to pump it off! Suggestions? Is it terrible to just let the rain water in, put some type of screening over the pool for the bigger debris and then vacuum the pool frequently?? Thank you!