Hiring a pool builder vs contracting subs


May 2, 2018
Miami, Fl
Hi all,

We have just closed on our HELOC and hope to begin our pool early next year! We're very excited about it but now the hard part begins. I'm in the process of figuring out if I want to hire a pool builder versus just hiring out subs for each part of the pool build.

For those who have done it, how was the process? How much did you save by subing it out yourself? Would you do it again if you were building another pool?



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May 28, 2019
Miami, FL
Hey! I'm in Weston, there are a few people here from South Florida as well. I actually met with John_and_Val, his pool is beautiful and is a very knowledgable and down to earth guy.

I was doing research for about a year, I just pulled the trigger with a PB that @Zaffor recommended. Most of the well-known builders around Weston gave me quotes between $48k to $62 using Jandy products plus costs of removing existing pavers, or permit costs

The person that Zaffor sent my way quoted me $42k all-inclusive using Pentair, to me this was a no brainer because I would have someone actually do the build for me.

I anticipated that doing the pool by myself I was going to spend around $37-ish, so I'm paying a $5k for knowledge and all the contacts.


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Mar 30, 2018
@kimkats @jorge18 @gnr5
Ok.....Owner builder pool building lessons in life....................
If you think it is easy - you are wrong. If you think you are going to save A TON of money.............you are wrong. What it does afford you is complete control of what happens. Not just colors or equipment - but little things......that mean ALOT 5 years down the road. Examples - What pool builder is going to sit there and make sure every steel tie is pushed down or cares if steel burns through? What pool builder is going to sit on a plate compactor for a week and beat the SH*T out of your ground to make sure you don't have settlement problems? There is not a company that will put more than a day in that chore! Then there is the great debate with a pool builder wanting to make 20 -40 percent on the equipment he is going to install..... and then he argues with you about SWG's , autofills, 2 skimmers, etc. But, with Owner/Builder you ARE the MAN!!!! You are responsible for all the little things that are left out by one trade to the other. It is your responsibility to catch these things and fix them!!!!
I took this endeavor on because I know construction, I know electrical, I know plumbing.
I knew I wanted a "custom" "not cookie cutter" "all the bells and whistles" pool. Those are exact quotes from all the "Top" pool builders in South Florida. And that was there excuse to charge a arm and a leg. I challenged them and made good arguments..............and they never came back!
Moral of the story is - we live in south Florida..............land of the getting ripped off. If you have a basic pool with easy access and easy build...........get quotes from the builders.
If you are like me and dont want the average "cookie cutter" ............. research owner builder.
You can turn just building a pool and turn it into building a backyard entertainment center!!!!!

My pool build turned into a monster of a project. It is almost done now, almost one year to date!!!! I broke ground January 7th, 2019
With the money I saved doing O/B I did ALOT - But also Sacrificed a year of my life.

Good luck and I am always here to help


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Aug 10, 2017
Morris Cnty NJ
Well said Jon. Nobody you can pay is gonna care like you will. But you will lose hundreds of hours of your life working on it. Time is money to all of us