High Salt/Amps shutting down chlorinator


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I couldn't log into my old account "eggman" so I created this one to ask this question.

Here's my problem/question. My old salt cell was giving me low readings while my test strips were telling me the level was 3900-4100 PPM. I just installed a new cell and it's getting a "High Salt/Amps" reading which means - hooray - the new cell is probably reading correctly.

The Pool Calculator says I need to change out 22% of my water - which I would rather not do. Can I turn the chlorinator off and maintain my chlorine using 12.5% bleach until mother nature lowers the salt PPM back to a working level?


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May 3, 2014
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That depends on where you live. Can you add a location? In my area, you would have to wait forever. If you are located where it rains, it is possible.

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Mar 2, 2011
Move the switch to off and check the diagnostic readings.

Then, move the switch to auto and check the readings again before the unit shuts off.