High CYA high TA in my tapwater


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Aug 7, 2020
My fresh water source is already very high level of cya around 100 and high TA around 120. The water is extremely hard. Cya in pool after 1 day over>200 ph 8.4, free chlorine very low, total chlorine 0. What shall I do? Please help me as I have been absolutely crazy looking to balance my pool, which seems impossible. I have only a small 10ft pool, but cannot exchange the water I filled just yesterday night.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Hello Mbeatle, welcome to TFP :wave:

Tap water never comes with CYA stabilizer in it. It is not natural to water, and I can imagine no reason that your water provider would add it.
Perhaps you are thinking of calcium? Calcium hardness varies in water sources, for example my local water is soft at a CH level of 40ppm.
TA of 120 can be dealt with, but its usually the last item to worry about whe adjusting pool water. High TA will "pull up" your pH.

Have you read this--> ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry

if you have other questions please respond