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Oct 16, 2020
Sonoma County, California
I am in Sonoma County, California and after having ignored my pool and spa for many years am finally ready to really get my system working flawlessly, which it currently does not. I have a lot of weird issues happening and I am just enough of a DIY-er to get me into trouble, plus it can be difficult to troubleshoot because it is a vacation rental on my property and don't always have access (or clear descriptions of what is going wrong). I am happy to have a pool service do the weekly maintenance and filter cleaning but I feel guilty that for so long I have not really paid attention to whether the system is working optimally! I have also added a few new components in a haphazard way, like a solar heating system last year and even a heat pump (because my old giant propane heater costs so much $$$). A few years back I added an iAqualink controller with the idea that this would allow me to remotely turn off my spa when guests are using too much $$propane as well. I have discovered lots of mysterious things happening with my Pentair Intelliflo and am trying to discover whether they are just inherently not compatible using the iAqualink or if indeed my Intelliflo is starting a death spiral. Finally, to the credit of my pool service currently, they discovered there is definitely a leak (bucket test in progress & after 24 hours it appears fairly dramatic) that I fear I may have caused last year when I changed out the old high wattage bulbs with colorchange LED's. So, I am going to try to learn as much as possible by reading the forums here and hoping I can come up with a plan of how to get everything functioning TROUBLE FREE! I'm so happy to have discovered this resource. : ) First stop, I'm going to look at my light fixture alcoves and see if I can determine this is the leak. I am going to read up (if possible) whether the skimmer may be an issue as well. I am open to having my pool service deal with this, but I have to wait so long between actual repair tech appointments (not sure if this is because of COVID or just because of the time of year etc) and there are sometimes continuity problems as well as access problems because I don't want to disturb my guests, so I am going to try to apply myself and not get distracted! Sorry for the long post!! : ))


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Nov 12, 2017
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Hi seedy, and welcome to TFP. You've come to the right place to get help sorting out your pool. But we need a lot more to go on. Start here, and try to fill in your signature with as much about your pool as you can figure out (equipment and model numbers, etc). Something along the lines of my signature. And then post a few pictures of your pool, and a few of your equipment pad.