Hey all. New member in the Northeast. 32,000g In ground.


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May 16, 2018
New York
Good morning all,

Wife and I purchased a home and this is our first season with the in ground pool. I grew up with a pool just not maintaining it. Been browsing this forum a lot the past few months and now having a rough couple of weeks with the pool but benefitting a lot from what I've read on here so far.

Read the Pool School resources and its great. Thumbs up to this website. I think my water will clear up once I sort out my equipment issues. Fingers crossed.

First priorities this year: get her up and running smoothly. Currently having an air leak issue and trying to narrow that down so the pump is working continuously.

Next priorities: Improve efficiency. Getting an S200 robotic cleaner and then looking at swapping out the old single speed motor for a variable speed one. Am reading the pump forum now to get some more info.

Head is spinning a bit from all of it, but I'm sure it will be fine.