Help with chemicals

Apr 25, 2012
I have the 26x52 Intex Ultra Frame. I've read the information in "The Pool School" section and was just wanting some additional advice. I Haven't added any chemicals yet.

1. I have a well with hard water, is there anything special I need?
2. What chemical do I add first or can they be added all at once?
3. Also still a little confused on adding bleach...can someone please clear that up for me?

Thanks Guys and I will share pics very soon.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Hard water means you'll be using a good amount of acid. The big worry is if you have iron in the well water. Do you have any rust stains on the plumbing in the house? Maybe inside the toilet tank? If so, you'll be needing a sequestrant.

Adjust pH first. Chlorine works better in the right pH range. Give that half an hour of pump running to mix.

While that's mixing, add CYA. You can use plain CYA or fast-dissolving dichlor (usually marketed as "shock" powder.) Plain CYA will take a few days to dissolve, don't worry about it or waste test reagents for a week. And remember it's easy to add more, but you can't remove it easily, so err on the low side when adding.

Then add bleach. Unless you used dichlor.
Apr 25, 2012
No rust stains around the house...I'm having to fill slowly as not to burn up my well pump. We had a good rain yesterday and I can tell the water is changing colors. Can I start adding the chemical now or do I need to wait until it's full? If have to wait, what can I do to slow the algae growth? It's been going about 3 days and only half way full (That's with a heavy rain.) Don't want a major algae issue before I get the thing full.


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Jul 21, 2010
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I would add a half gallon of bleach while you are filling to keep the algae under control. If it is taking three days to get half-way, I would add more bleach if you see some more green. If may get cloudy, cloudy white is a good thing as it mean dead algae, cloudy green means yo have filled some of the algae but more is alive and growing. You are likely to lose at least half of the chlorine due to sunlight each day. Adding it in the evening will allow it to be more effective for a longer period of time but I personally would add some at the earliest convenient time, day or night.

When you get the pool full, add your CYA (start but may take a week), get your pH fixed (pretty quick normally) and then move straight into a shock level CL until the pool is clear and you pass the OCLT (days to a week depending on filter and CL level maintenance). I would not wait for the CYA numbers.