help rs6, heater has no power


Mar 18, 2023
orlando fl
Forgive me, I'm still learning here. Bought a house with an rs6, basic pool. spa overflow, pool, heater, that's it. no SWG, automatic cleaners, solar. i factory'd the rs6 b/c the previous programs were all screwed up. i created 1 program (a) to turn on the pool at 9am and off at 5pm, all good there, no issues. however i can't get the heater to power on. it worked previously before i wiped out the programming with no issue. when i press the pool and or spa heater buttons they turn green, i waited about a minute and checked the heater and it has no power. i'm guessing the system lost the relay definition of how to turn on the heater?? i have the rs8 manual and it's not very good to help here. can anyone advise how i can get it to power up? even if that's service mode its fine for now to get me thru the weekend, thank you!