heater problem

  1. S

    Pool Heater Issue

    I have a Pentair Matertemp heater. The problem is the heater is sensing a higher temp than the actual water temp is. I have replaced the thermister 2 times and still have the same issue. When I try to heat my hot tub I can only get the heat up to about 98 because the heater thinks it is 104...
  2. 57cheby

    Pentair master temp 400 won’t light.

    Unit is four years old and the problem is intermittent. Sometimes it lights and sometimes not. I have removed the lid and no codes. Blower comes on you hear igniter and you smell gas and No fire. Then I take the front cover off and try again and it lights. I’m trying this morning with no luck...
  3. S

    New Pentair Heater Broken - Rattling Sound, Trying to Diagnose

    Our brand new Pentair heater is broken. We're trying to figure out what could be causing it and if it's a quick fix or we'll need to make a warranty call. We are hoping it is a quick fix, since we're sharing the pool with several other families (with a google calendar so there is no overlap)...
  4. A

    Jandy Heater

    Hi friends. Error message "high fault limit" on a 1 year old heater. Where do I buy replacement parts? How do I remove and replace? Thanks! Pics really would be helpful if you've done it.
  5. generessler

    Mastertemp 400 control board dead?

    Hi. Bought our house this past July. The heater - Mastertemp 400 - worked fine. We used it at least once per month through November. At one point - I think in August - Error 01 (Thermistor) was a problem. I replaced that, but later found the real problem was the connector on the control board...
  6. wille

    Troubleshooting Hayward Heater - LP Code

    I am getting an LP Error on my electric Hayward heater, which signifies low water pressure. I have turned the valve that normally bypasses the heater to go through the heater. For the first 30 seconds, it reads the temperature of the water and then changes to LP. What should I do next?
  7. tbone23

    Hayward H100ID Heater Popping and Shaking

    Good Afternoon! I have a 15x33 agp with a 20" Hayward Sand Filter and 1.5hp Powerflo Matrix Pump. Everything Works great!! I hooked up a Hayward H100ID 100k BTU Propane Pool Heater. Shortly after I start the heater I hear a popping and the inlet PVC shakes sporadically coming from my sand...
  8. TVGREEN23

    Raypak 206A Millivolt Trouble Shooting

    New to the Forum but not completely new to pools. Lucky enough to grow up with one in my backyard and Pops had me working on it young. Now that I have moved back into my childhood home with my fiance, I am trying to knock off the dust a bit lol. Im good with cleaning the pumps and filters but...