Help repairing/replumbing air leak

Oct 27, 2014
So I have noticed lately my pool pump has not been holding its prime and I am starting to get bubbles out of my spa jets which lead me to start looking for a leak in my pool. I have found one at the suction joint where my pool pvc piping meets my pump. However my piping has no unions or space whatsoever. The only way looking at it to repair the leak is to ripe out all of the piping and start from scratch. Before I do this I wanted to ask the members on here there thoughts before I start this process as I litearly seeing me replacing all pvc piping and valves due to the original design.....FYI I am having problems getting a good pic to load so in the meantime I am hopeful the one that did upload may help assit


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May 19, 2010
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Wow. Your builder did you very little favors with this plumbing layout ... looks worse than most.

There is a chance you might be able to use a ram-bit to drill out one of the joints or valves to give you room to work. But, you need to be able to move the pump around. I think some re-plumbing might be required. Can you add a larger picture and from multiple angles?

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Oct 27, 2014
Thanks for the reply and photo loading instructions I will try to get a few different shots tonight. I don't mind re piping as I agree the builder of this pool did not do me a favor with the current piping. I just didn't want to have to but all brand new valves due to them not being the issue, however I had not heard of the drill bit you have talked about. At worse I think I could at least salvage the valves for reuse and just re pipe everything else with added unions for future repairs.