Help! My new test kit won't arrive till tomorrow, but in the meantime....


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Jul 20, 2019
Cottageville SC
Hello! I just found this forum and am so excited to be a part of this great group of smart pool people. My pool was just great till we got a small monsoon and a lot of swimmers for a week. In 2 days it went into serious GREEN. mode. Forgive my ignorance but I was previously using the test strips and the pool was just fine (or so I thought!) lovely, clear and inviting. I purchased 5 gallons of 10% chlorine from Walmart in anticipation of my SLAM session. I have been brushing it twice a day and working my robot and pump to the max. My box with the test kit is on its way from Creedmoor, but may take a couple of days to arrive. Using what I have at my disposal, what can I do in the interim?