Help me identify this Skimmer Faceplate


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Apr 8, 2013
Southern California
Its time to redo my liner in my ingroung pool. last time I did not replace skimmer faceplate since I could not find a replacemnet and made it work with cracks and all. Now I figure I will come to the pools guys for help. This pool was put in in the early 80's and the only numbers i can find are at the bottom of the skimmer and they are 8650-66. I took the flaceplate off and there are no markings on it. attached is a picture of the sizes and hole pattern



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Jul 22, 2014
Looks like a field modified U3 skimmer, with extra screws

Look for patent # in skimmer & look that up.

That is an antique, don’t break that faceplate - you may have to reuse it.